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Westalee Design Heart Template Set (6pc)

This Template is the essential starter template and is included with every domestic Ruler Foot we sell. The actual size of the template is closer to 6″ long, as the Arc name references a arc cut from a 12″ circle.

This template has straight and curved echo lines up to 1".  The allow easy straight line patterns and gentle curves.  Makes a great spine to use with the Westalee Feather template set, paino ket designs, and swags.  This convenience size is Very versatile and easy to handle.  This is often paired with the Westalee Starter Set but for those who already have a foot for their machine, this is a great starter tool.  It is also a great pairing with the Westalee spacing gauge for excellent results.  Stable tape grip tape is included with the purchase of this product.