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Fun and Fancy Book and Westalee Template Bundle


The 5-piece Fun & Fancy Template Set includes the following:

• 3” x 1½” Simple Oval
• 1” Between the Lines
• Back to Back Curve 3”- 2″
• 7½” Circles on Quilts Spinning Wheel #21
• Spin E Fex 8 at 5½”

These items can be purchased individually, or as a set.

This quilting set includes the Free Fun & Sassy Table Runner pattern, The Path To Ruler Work Quilting Book by Kate Quinn and Westalee Design 5-piece template set and a $75.00 Coupon for The Path to Ruler Work Quilting on Sew Steady University. 

The Fun & Fancy Template Set was designed for use with Sew Steady Educator Kate Quinn’s Fun and Fancy “The Path to Ruler Work Quilting” Book.

“The Path to Ruler Work Quilting Book” is a 62 page Guide Book designed to work with The Fun and Fancy Template Collection as well as various other Westalee Design Templates.

Includes a technical page for each template that explains the markings on the template and how the template may be used. In addition, each template has its own design section to highlighting what can be done with each unique shape. The final section of the books includes a Patchwork Connection which illustrated the quilting designs for 8 blocks showing how the template are used in combination. Additional quilted images on the back and front cover offer further inspiration for quilters on how to utilize these templates. The instructions also highlight embellishment techniques, specific tools, and helpful marking guides to make the process easier for users to create their own fun and fancy designs with this timeless collection. Including the design pages, the Patchwork Connection section, and the cover images, there are more than 100 design and combinations include in this guide.

Click this link for Kate's product unboxing video:
Kate Quinn introduces her Fun and Fancy Collection