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Chaco Liner Pen Style

Chalk based marking pen using a rolling wheel dispenser. 

A powder-based chalk for drawing thin, beautiful lines.
With its pen-like use, you can make marks as if you are drawing freehand.

Length, thickness and angle that are easy to hold.

The length and thickness have been designed to achieve the pen-like ease-of-use.
Also, the chalk can be easily turned around to draw both straight and curved lines freely as it supports many different angles.

Marks can be easily made along the ruler.
You can draw beautiful lines along the ruler with the pointed tip.

The amount of remaining powder is visible.
You can see how much powder you have left through the transparent case.

Powder can be refilled easily by simply exchanging the cartridge  but I like to refill it using Hancy Ultimate Pounce powder which irons off for easy removal.
When refilling with powder, a straw or small funnel can by helpful.

Smooth touch.  The shape of the sharp gear tooth, inner parts and powder components were carefully designed to achieve a smooth touch.