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Advanced ProStitcher Boot Camp for all ProStitcher Users Hosted by Ann Silva's Sewing Center Albuquerque, NM

Kick your quilting up a notch with this advance ProStitcher training bootcamp!  Go from a simpler edge to edge look to amazing and customized design and maximize the tools ProStitcher has available for you!


ProStitcher from every brand including HandiQuilter, Babylock, Janome, King Quilter and more are welcome to this advanced 2-day workshop to get more from their longarm tools.  These classes all required that you bring your computer.  ProStitcher simulation and the ProStitcher Designer should already be loaded onto your computer, and for ProStitcher you must also load your design files so you can have access to the designs.  Please check with the shop in advance if you need help setting that up.

Topics include the following:

Day 1 Morning:

Learn how to quickly and easily position blocks with accuracy.  Position multiple designs and select their stitch order for best results.  Learn to use the Modify Block features as well as the Area and Reposition functions to really help you quilt your spaces quickly and with best results.

Day 1 Afternoon:

After learning some advanced positioning skills, we will learn about some of the more advanced tools in the PS arsenal including the Rubber Band feature to create customized designs, Cropping to reconfigure designs, the ability to reposition areas for quickly moving designs over larger areas of a quilt, the Move, Mark, and Record design features, and much more.

Day 2 Morning:

Learn how to position border corner elements to create smooth and seamless borders and also how to customize designs when the border space needs help to fit smoothly.  This includes playing with custom border design and corner units plus the Border Skew option.

Day 2 Afternoon:

Learn the basics of the ProStitcher Designer application to digitize and create your own designs and bring them in to ProStitcher.  You will create 2-3 of your own designs, learn to edit and save them and a few designs will be selected to stitch out during the class demonstration.

Skill Level:
Skill Details:
Intermediate to advanced user are well. This is not a basic course so so fundamental exposure to ProStitcher is required for best results.
Bring you Computer with updated ProStitcher Software loaded and your designs files copies on to your computer. For the ProStitcher Designer class you must have ProStitcher Designer loaded and activated on your computer.
Instructor Name:
Kate Quinn

Advanced ProStitcher Boot Camp for all ProStitcher Users Hosted by Ann Silva's Sewing Center Albuquerque, NM