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Full Day Show Service

Demonstration and Sales Assistance at

Quilt Shows or Events 

These pricing guidelines relate to private contracts between FabriKated Quilts and a Dealer or Shop. As an designer and educator, Kate supports a wide variety of products.  This pricing is valid for privately contracted events and is subject to change at any time for any reason.  It may not cover all costs and services, but is a good start point for event planning.  Please contact Kate for a specific estimate and availability.

Daily Rate

Costs includes service for demonstration of quilting products for an 8-hour window.  Shops or dealers provides sewing machine(s), a Sew Steady table for rulerwork events, needles, bobbins, thread, and fabric as required to demonstrate the products.  Depending on the brands and product lines, some tools are provided by the instructor, but this must be coordinated in advance.  This rate is only for demonstration and sales service.  Classes are not included here. Sponsors are also required to pay for per diem, travel, and lodging.  

$450 daily rate

$65 per diem rate


Show setup and clean up fees

Setup of inventory or post event clean-up is not included in the daily rate charge.  This includes setting up grid wall or other products and sales displays and clean-up and re-inventory at the end of the event.  If you desire this service, please note the associated rate and add this into your plan.


Staff Training Add on for Sew Steady and Westalee products.

Available for Sew Steady product training, this sales and education focused class is available for Sew Steady retail associates.  It is designed to help sales associated served customers better and help them give the customers the right information the first time.   The class may be hands on or demo at shop's discretion.   This is only available in conjunction with an education or sales event contract  (1.5-2 hours)



Sew Steady Show events should also be coordinated directly with Sew Steady's event manager directly to ensure a successful outcome.

Janome Education events should be secured and approved through your Janome DM.  You may arrange private events with me regarding Janome products and general quilting but for a Janome sponsored event, it must go through Janome channels.